How Ironworks works

On a chilly, blustery day, we decided it was finally time to follow through on our long-standing plan to visit the local distillery, Ironworks, and embark on a tour. A few days prior, we had casually dropped by, initially searching for a metal workshop, but to our pleasant surprise, we stumbled upon an exceptional distillery boasting an extensive range of spirits. On that occasion, we had purchased a bottle of Bluenose rum and discovered that they offered tours of the distillery. In all honesty, while we had explored our fair share of wineries, distilleries had yet to make their way onto our radar. Well, let’s see how it works!

Ironworks Distillery is located on a historical Lunenburg waterfront in the old Blacksmith shop.
Awards of Ironworks’ spirits and liquors
Inside it preserves the spirit of the old iron workshop with a taste of old rum production
Wooden floor remains traces of melted iron
The Walters Blacksmith Shop ca.1920
Launch of the famous schooner Bluenose in 1921, all ironworks for which were done here
Ironworks products on display
Around the World Rum – aged during the circumnavigation of the tall ship “Picton Castle”
One of the signature products is Pear-eau-de-vie with a pear in the bottle! Guess, how they put a pear into a bottle?
The distillation machine is made in Germany and heated by woodstove.
Our guide Meg explains the distillation process
Her name is Bertruda, is she beautiful?
Boiling of fermented wort
Majic of distillation
Spirit condensation on cooled copper plate with drainage holes
Today it was a whiskey run
Fermentation tanks
The fermentation in progress
Aging barrels cellar
Majority of barrels come after bourbon production in USA
Meg demonstrates the burned surface inside of the barrel’s wood-plank
Ironworks Rum to test
Inspecting fermentation of wheat for production of vodka
Matt – operator of the vodka distillery machine
Her name is Ruby – because of her copper-reddish skin
18 levels of distillation – that is what makes vodka smooth!
Iryna for the first time in her life admitted that vodka is tasty!
Ocean aged Rum!!! Barrels with aging rum stored in a boat, moored in the Lunenburg Harbour – taking all elements of nature!
Rum Boat moored in the Lunenburg harbour
Area for cleaning of bottles and filling them up
Filling of whiskey
Closing bottles with caps
Labeling of whiskey bottles
Each bottle is signed with a batch#
Production storage area – ready to ship!
Thanks, Meg for the fantastic tour and Greg for the presents!